Community Garden

Table of contents:

The community Garden is setup to reach out to residents in Puchong area. Puchong is a fast growing urban area with many housing estates mushrooming. The area near the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (OLOG) is located near the centre of Puchong area and accessible by LRT, making it an ideal place for urban dwellers to come and learn how to maintain greenery in and around their houses and parks in their areas. The idea is to provide knowledge to allow urban dwellers to reconcile and integrate into the management of greeneries in Puchong so as to achieve a sustainable greenways, support and complement MPSJ greening efforts and social awareness of our responsibility for the environment. Discourages illegal dumping and shared responsibility in maintaining the greenery in the area
The landscape theme will be balance with nature and traditions using appropriate technology. Encourages friendship in the neighbourhood and building communities with gardening activities, from vegetables to flowers to greeneries of rare fruit trees.

For more information please contact bro. Paul Quek 0166652698 or leng1408(at)gmail.com

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